Physician Ownership Disclosure

Because of concerns that there may be a conflict of interest when a physician refers a patient to a health care facility in which the physician has a financial interest. New York State passed a law. It is required that the physician disclose his or her financial interest and tells you about alternative providers where you may go to obtain these services. The disclosure is intended to help you make a fully informed decision about your healthcare. The following physicians have a financial relationship with South Brooklyn Endoscopy Center:

  • Dr. Jay Weissbluth
  • Dr. Nison Badalov
  • Dr. Igor Grosman
  • Dr. Zhanna Gutnik
  • Dr. Mark Chu
  • Dr. Danny Chu
  • Dr. Paul Cohen
  • Dr. Alexander Shapsis
  • Dr. Rabin Rahmani
  • Dr. Kayane Hanna-Hindy
  • Dr. Pierre Hindy
  • Dr. Ian Wall

For more information about alternative providers, please ask your physician or his/her staff. They will provide you with names and addresses of providers best suited to your individual needs that are nearest to your home or place of work.