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Mark Chu, MD

Mark Chu, DO

Board Certified Gastroenterologist

Office Location:
17 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

Phone: (212) 219-8031

Board Certification

Internal Medicine, August 1996
Gastroenterology, December 1999


New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
New York Institute of Technology
Old Westbury, NY
Doctor of Osteopathy


New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens
Flushing, New York

Beth Israel Medical Center
New York, New York
Internal Medicine

Research/ Publications

“Investigations of Barrett’s Esophagus by Ultraviolet and Visible Fluorescence Emissions and Excitation Spectroscopy” by A. Katz, P.M. Basuk, H.E. Savage, Mark Chu, N. Altorki, T. Godwin, S.A. McCormick, R.R. Alfano
1999- Abstract
“Gastrointestinal Disorder in the Elderly” by Alvin Gelb, M.D., Director of Gastroenterology, BIMC
Chapter: ”Geriatric Gastroenterology in the Nursing Home”
-Constipation/Fecal Incontinence/C.difficile Colitis
1996- Marcel Dekker Publishing Inc.