Hemorrhoid Ligation

Internal hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that develop inside the anus. These can be treated with a procedure known as hemorrhoid ligation.

How is a hemorrhoid ligation performed?

Local anesthesia may be used during a hemorrhoid ligation, as well as a sedative to help you relax. You will be asked to lie on your left side while a doctor inserts a scope into your anus in order to locate the internal hemorrhoid. Once the internal hemorrhoid is located, an elastic band is placed around the swollen blood vessel in order to cut off the blood supply to the vessel. When the blood flow has been removed, the hemorrhoid will eventually slough off. This procedure often needs to be repeated 2-4 times, every six to eight weeks, before the hemorrhoid sloughs off completely.

After a hemorrhoid ligation, you will be monitored for a few hours before being sent home. You should arrange to have someone drive you home from the hospital after the procedure. You may experience pain and tightness afterward, which can usually be resolved with pain relievers or a sitz bath. You should contact your doctor if you experience bleeding or a fever, as these may be signs of more serious complications, including infection.